What Is Another Way to Say Went Through

The purpose of this blog post is to provide readers with a comprehensive list of synonyms, phrases, alternatives, variations, and expressions that can be used instead of the phrase “went through.” By offering a wide range of options, readers will be able to enhance their vocabulary and improve their writing by avoiding repetition. “Went through” is a common phrase used to describe the experience of undergoing or enduring something. It can be used in various contexts, such as going through a difficult time, going through a process, or going through a physical or emotional journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Synonyms for “Went Through”: experienced, endured, suffered, underwent, encountered
  • Different Phrases to Express “Went Through”: weathered, braved, withstood, survived, navigated
  • Alternatives to “Went Through”: passed, traversed, crossed, completed, accomplished
  • Variations of “Went Through”: went over, went across, went beyond, went by, went past
  • Other Ways to Convey “Went Through”: faced, tackled, dealt with, handled, coped with
  • Expressions Similar to “Went Through”: went through the wringer, went through the mill, went through hell, went through a rough patch, went through a difficult time
  • How to Say “Went Through” Differently: underwent a process, endured a hardship, navigated a challenge, overcame an obstacle, persevered through a trial
  • Substitutes for “Went Through”: went under, went around, went above, went beneath, went beyond
  • Vocabulary Options for “Went Through”: encountered, braved, withstood, weathered, survived
  • Say It Another Way: “Went Through”: passed, traversed, crossed, completed, accomplished

Synonyms for “Went Through”

1. Experienced – She experienced a rollercoaster of emotions during her trip.
2. Endured – He endured a grueling training program to become a professional athlete.
3. Underwent – The patient underwent surgery to remove the tumor.
4. Encountered – They encountered many obstacles on their journey.
5. Faced – She faced numerous challenges in her career.

Different Phrases to Express “Went Through”

1. Passed through – The hiker passed through the dense forest on his way to the summit.
2. Went over – The teacher went over the lesson with the students before the exam.
3. Navigated – The driver navigated through heavy traffic to reach his destination.
4. Sailed through – She sailed through the interview and got the job.
5. Traversed – The explorers traversed the treacherous terrain to reach the hidden cave.

Alternatives to “Went Through”

1. Went across – They went across the bridge to get to the other side of the river.
2. Went beyond – He went beyond his limits to achieve his goals.
3. Went past – The car went past us at high speed.
4. Went by – Time went by quickly during our vacation.
5. Went into – She went into detail about her research findings.

Variations of “Went Through”

1. Went through with – Despite her doubts, she went through with the plan.
2. Went through the motions – He was just going through the motions at work, not fully engaged.
3. Went through hell – They went through hell during the war.
4. Went through the wringer – The team went through the wringer during the intense competition.
5. Went through a rough patch – They went through a rough patch in their relationship but managed to work things out.

Other Ways to Convey “Went Through”

1. Suffered – She suffered a great loss when her loved one passed away.
2. Endured – He endured years of hardship before achieving success.
3. Overcame – They overcame their fears and took a leap of faith.
4. Survived – The survivors of the earthquake had to rebuild their lives from scratch.
5. Weathered – The company weathered the economic downturn and emerged stronger.

Expressions Similar to “Went Through”

1. Went under – The company went under due to financial mismanagement.
2. Went astray – The package went astray and was delivered to the wrong address.
3. Went haywire – The computer system went haywire and caused chaos in the office.
4. Went off track – The project went off track and had to be reassessed.
5. Went awry – Their plans for a perfect wedding went awry when it started raining.

How to Say “Went Through” Differently

To say “went through” differently, consider these tips:

1. Use specific verbs: Instead of using a generic phrase like “went through,” use specific verbs that accurately describe the action or experience. For example, instead of saying “She went through a difficult time,” you could say “She endured a challenging period.”

2. Provide context: Instead of relying solely on the phrase “went through,” provide additional context to paint a clearer picture. For example, instead of saying “He went through a process,” you could say “He went through a rigorous selection process.”

3. Use figurative language: Instead of using literal language, incorporate figurative language to add depth and creativity to your writing. For example, instead of saying “They went through a tough situation,” you could say “They weathered the storm.”

Substitutes for “Went Through”

1. Passed – She passed through the security checkpoint at the airport.
2. Undergone – The building has undergone extensive renovations.
3. Faced – He faced numerous challenges in his career.
4. Conquered – They conquered their fears and achieved their goals.
5. Navigated – The team navigated through the complex legal process.

Vocabulary Options for “Went Through”

1. Endured – She endured a long and arduous journey to reach her destination.
2. Persevered – Despite the obstacles, he persevered and achieved his dreams.
3. Sustained – The city sustained significant damage during the hurricane.
4. Withstood – The bridge withstood the force of the strong winds.
5. Braved – They braved the harsh weather conditions to reach the summit.

Say It Another Way: “Went Through”

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to express the meaning of “went through” in order to avoid repetition and enhance your writing. By using synonyms, phrases, alternatives, variations, expressions, and vocabulary options, you can add depth and creativity to your writing while conveying the same meaning. Whether you choose to use specific verbs, provide context, or incorporate figurative language, there are endless possibilities for saying “went through” differently. So next time you find yourself using the phrase “went through,” consider these alternatives to elevate your writing and engage your readers.


What is the meaning of “went through”?

“Went through” is a phrasal verb that means to experience or endure a difficult or challenging situation.

What are some synonyms for “went through”?

Some synonyms for “went through” include underwent, endured, suffered, weathered, and survived.

What is another way to say “went through”?

Another way to say “went through” is to use a more specific verb that describes the action or experience. For example, instead of saying “I went through a divorce,” you could say “I divorced” or “I ended my marriage.”

Why might someone want to use a different phrase than “went through”?

Using a more specific or nuanced phrase can help to convey a clearer or more precise meaning, and can also make writing or speaking more interesting and engaging. Additionally, using the same phrase repeatedly can become repetitive or monotonous.

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