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Company Location: Miami, United States
Job Location: Remote
Job Type: Full-time & Part-time
Category: Education
Posted on: Jan 3, 2022

Job Description

Are you a news junkie? Do you devour everything from the latest news out of the White House to the Supreme Court, from mass protests to freezing migrants camped out at the Belarus border and civil war in Ethiopia? Do you follow the daily parade of human foibles, tragedies, and triumphs, stories of desolation and despair, but also of heroes and hope? Do you bring to your work well-honed news judgment? Can you plow through dozens of stories and other sources and swiftly sort the wheat from the chaff (and, of course, run with the chaff, when that’s the news)?

Do you sweat every word, determined to grab and hold the attention of those most fickle, attention-deprived of readers, bombarded by a nonstop deluge of social media — 5th-12th-grade students? Can you craft a sharp, compelling headline that captures the essence of the story in a manner enticing enough to ensure young readers will actually get to the lead? Are you a team player who approaches your work with a healthy dose of humility — and consider yourself a lifelong student of the craft? If you answered a resounding “yes” to these questions, you may be just the journalist we’re looking for. We’re looking for both part-time and full-time new writers to join our team.

Company Description

We’re The Juice Learning, a daily news newsletter for students from grades 5-12. We produce today’s news with the goal of shaping tomorrow’s leaders: empathetic, well-informed citizens. Our student readers learn in 10-20 minutes a day — through our independently-written news stories, quizzes, vocabulary words, educational supplements, and infographics — how to think logically and critically.

They learn how to cut through the shrill shouting and bias from the left and the right alike, to assess the veracity and credibility of what they read, to learn not so much what to think as to how to think, while building their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

We’re veteran, award-winning journalists, authors, and educators who take this commitment seriously. We serve all manner of schools, from the most elite private academies to the poorest inner-city districts, and homeschooled kids too. We educate students with widely varying strengths and weaknesses, skill levels, and learning styles.

The Juice Learning offers a generous salary and benefits package. To apply, email a cover letter, resume, at least three samples of your work, and references to Brendan Kells, bkells@thejuice.news.

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