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Company Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Job Location: Remote
Job Type: Full-Time
Category: Technical
Posted on: Jan 3, 2022

Job Description

A user experience writer creates copy for apps, websites, and other digital products that help users navigate the product. The UX writer must be a creative copywriter with the capability and the experience of simplifying the creativity to microcopies that are fully understandable to users.

A UX writer might find the words for menus, definitions, buttons, labels, chatbots, and error messages, or the instructions to guide first-time users through a product—the small pieces of writing which is collectively called “microcopy.”

An effective UX writer will create a microcopy that is intuitive to users, in keeping with the product’s brand voice, and easily understood by almost anybody, including people of different abilities, ages, gender identities, and backgrounds.

What You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Develop the brand’s voice and be responsible for the correct implementation in every touchpoint, driving the brand’s narrative in a consistent way.
  • Work closely with the UX researcher to understand obstacles and opportunities and create solutions.
  • Work with other designers -such as motion designer, web designer, and UI,- as well as with other areas of the company – such as product or commops- to assure consistency in every part of the user journey: interphases, videos, emails and other additional communication that guides the user.
  • Use data and information to create real impact in content creation and hence, on the user experience.
  • Responsible for creating creative, simple, user centered, and very clear content such as scripts for video tutorials, educational, emails, notifications, and content for all the user interfaces
  • Support and guide comms in social media and other company channels.
  • Propose user experiments and testing to create better copies for the user during the journey and create iteration loops.

Experience, Skills & Stack Required

  • 5+ years of experience of creative copywriting for digital media.
  • Experience working with UX, product, and marketing teams.
  • Is fluent in spanish and english.Creative writer that understands nd has a high sensibility of writing towards user centricity and user journeys.
  • Very eloquent and clear communicator that is able to put complex ideas to simple concepts.
  • Uses data to increase simplicity and creativity towards user and business objectives.
  • Highly focused in detail.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Has worked with UX/UI teams.
  • Has worked with advertising.
  • Has proven experience as UX Writer.

Company Description

Airtm exists because money in Latin America is broken. It constantly loses its value making it difficult to preserve your wealth and very difficult to participate in the global economy. Exchange rates are horrible. Our mission is to give every Latin American a globally connected dollar account.

With Airtm anyone can Save, Spend, Send and Receive dollars as if they are in the USA. More than a million have already gained financial freedom. We need to give everyone access to Airtm, now. We need you. Come join us.

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